Friday, May 1, 2020

All You Need To Learn About Experience Marketing

Also known as 'experiential marketing', experience marketing is all about tactics that utilize various in-person events for the promotion of services and products. A simple example of such experience marketing would be pop-up shops or Apple's Keynote events that are held every year.

It should be noted that events like these are designed in such a manner that it helps potential customers or audiences to get familiarize with the brand of the same products before making the final purchase decision. Such experience marketing helps the customer to not only get a feel of the product but also distinguish its quality and materials - which are typically found online only.
One of the main goals that advertisers tend to achieve with experience marketing is to generate a good customer engagement thereby enhancing the optimization for providing customer value at the highest level.

What Are Some Of The Examples Of Experience Marketing?

1. Pop-Up Shops Of Kylie Jenner Cosmetic Products

Kylie Jenner is a well-known internet celebrity all around the world and her line of makeup and cosmetic products are highly popular among women of all ages, especially teenagers. The products were generally sold online through her e-commerce website until recently pop-up shops started to open offline.

These pop-up shops are built inside rented business spaces for typically one or more days, where the entire area will be decorated with products from Kylie Jenner and will thereby be promoted on social media. Result? Customers will have the chance to experience the products before purchasing.

2. Ikea Furniture Shops

In case you've never been to an Ikea showroom then you should know that Ikea always markets their products via living spaces that are perfectly staged. For example, living room furniture will be staged in such a way inside an Ikea showroom that it'd look like an actual living room. Such a concept would help the customer know and learn how a specific piece of furniture will look inside a real-world living room.

The same tactics are also used by real estate agents these days as they tend to decorate their homes with furniture so that potential customers would be able to see what it's like to live inside a home like that.

How Can You Perform Experience Marketing For Your Business?

1. Gain Inspiration

One of the very first ways you can perform experience marketing is to follow some of the well-laid out examples that other known brands are using, such as:

● Pop-Up Shops
● In-Person Events
● Temporary Stores Or Restaurants

2. Know Your Audience

If you want to know what your customer wants, you have to first analyse the following pointers:

● The Things Your Customers Want To View
● The Things Your Customers Want To Listen
● The Things Your Customers Want To Smell
● The Things Your Customers Want To Feel
● The Things Your Customers Want To Perceive

Before you get on with your plans for experience marketing, you need to first know and learn your customer behaviors and thereby take the most relevant decision. For instance, in the earlier days, Samsung used to unveil its Galaxy S smartphones at MWC or Mobile World Congress every year. Once Samsung saw how much popular their Galaxy S line of phones was getting, they started unveiling them at their own 'Samsung Unpacked' in-person event (similar to Apple Keynote).

At the end of the day, your main aim should be to share an experience with your customers that is worth sharing.

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