Friday, May 1, 2020

Knowing The Procedures Which Can Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Creating the perfect user experience on your website is not an easy thing to do, especially when more than 80 per cent of customers nowadays research online first before making a purchase decision. Sixty per cent of customers who plan on buying any product or service purchase it on the same day, which is why giving a seamless experience to your customers matters a whole lot more than you earlier it thought to be.

In a time when customers are evolving in terms of how they purchase products or services, there's simply no room for any error. If you cannot provide what the customer wants, then your business will simply turn out to be a failure - which is why it's essential to know the methods that will assist you in enhancing your website's user experience.

The Elementary Methods To Make Your Website Intuitive: 

1. Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly Enough

Mobile devices account for almost 50 per cent of website traffic which means that any deterioration in your mobile user experience can impact almost 50 per cent of your overall customers. It has been reported that 48 per cent of customers are unhappy because their favorite brands don't have a mobile website - which in turn leads to 91 per cent of the same customers likely not dealing with the same brands ever again.
The best way to overcome this issue is to test your website on a variety of mobile devices and that too regularly. You can easily use the following free-to-use tools for your needs:

● Mobile-Friendly Test By Bing: 
● Mobile-Friendly Test By Google:

2. Ensure That Your Website Has High Readability

Having high readability on your website can not only improve the overall user experience but can also aid in attracting potential customers. No matter what device your customer is using to view your content, your website should be legible effortlessly. Some of the factors that contribute to higher readability are:

● Overall language.
● The content writing & formatting style.
● Size and style of the font.
● Background, color and contrast of the website.

3. Ensure Lower Page Loading Times

Your website's page loading times can be impacted by numerous factors and some of the major ones are as follows:
● Optimization of the images - smaller images loads faster.
● Reduction in the number of external plugins as well as scripts.
● Avoid any duplication or excess website code - keeping it simple.
● Making sure that the website's text loads first and then the images.

4. Ensure That Your Website Is Intuitive For Navigation

If your website is poorly thought out and implemented, you can easily enrage your readers because they'll not be able to discover what they need or desire to. It'll be like having a paywall to your website. This is the reason why it's suggested to implement the following tips for better website intuitiveness:
● Keeping the design simple and effective.
● Keeping multiple tiers into a single menu.
● Keeping a dedicated search function for users.

5. Ensure Universal Website Rules Are Followed

One of the reasons why you see every online shopping website use their 'shopping cart' on the upper-right-hand corner is because it's the universal website rule that was perfected by Amazon back in the day. The same goes for search boxes or functions which are also found on the upper-right-hand corner of almost all online websites out there. These are universal website rules that you need to follow if you want to keep your customers happy and satisfied.
For instance, it has been reported that the integration of a CTA or Call-To-Action button on a website can improve sales by almost 1600 per cent while enhancing clicks by 400 per cent.

6. Ensure That Your Website Looks Attractive & Beautiful

It'll be hard for your business to gain customers if it looks boring, dull and lifeless. It has been found out that more than 60 per cent of all customers always select a visually appealing website over a boring looking website. Moreover, your website's attractiveness will also impress about 75 per cent of all your potential customers at first sight.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, enhancing the user experience on your website is not difficult if you can follow these above procedures. Adaptability is the key and in these fast-moving times, you need to adapt your approach for gaining website traffic.

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