Friday, May 1, 2020

Knowing Some Of The Simple Yet Effective Types Of Blog Posts

When it comes to blog posts, there's no denying that they are some of the most comprehensive ways to channel content marketing to your audiences. However, it should be noted that blog posts can be of various types and not all of them can help you achieve the same results or aid in increasing customer conversion.

This is the reason why we've put our heart & soul into researching some of the best blog post variants that your business website should have so that you can enjoy not only great conversion results but your readers will remain happy as well.

List Of Effective Types Of Blog Posts

1. Blog Posts That Contain Original Research

It should be remembered that readers always want something that is a bit out-of-the-box and is original as well. This is why if your blog post contains snippets from research that your business has done in its entirety, then you can be sure of gaining massive fame within a short amount of time.
Nonetheless, performing an original research-related blog post is also time-consuming and burdensome - thereby being impossible for most businesses or companies out there. An original research article should contain zero bias, a sample size that is big enough, data that can be browsed through along with an interpretation process that is simple enough for your audiences or readers to understand.
Even though such a procedure might seem demanding at first, the fruitful results will be worth the strenuous task.

2. Blog Posts Containing Listicles

As a digital marketer, sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, i.e. make blog posts containing listicle-style content. For instance, '10 Things You Didn't Know About Content Optimization' or '5 Tips To Improve Your Conversion Rate'.
Not every reader out there likes to go through a wall of text, which is why having a separate type of blog posts specifically for a set of audience that likes to brush through the content easily.

3. Blog Posts Containing Crowd sourced Content

Even though crowd sourced content has gotten out of style, they're still pretty much effective in today's world. If you can get the right people to start talking about an interesting topic, such a step will snowball into something larger - which will ultimately help your blog get into the limelight it deserves. For instance, a topic like 'Best Content Marketing Practices As Outlined By 5 Experts' can prove to be not only highly interesting but will also catapult your blog traffic to new levels.

One of the major benefits of creating these types of blog posts is that you'll require very less time to churn out one. Thereby, with very less time investment you'll be gaining massive social media attraction and also sharing different marketing perspectives at the same moment. Try to be more creative with the content like adding expert quotations and suggestions.

4. Blog Posts Containing Cues Used By Other Businesses
The best way to describe these types of blog posts is to use various real-world examples and instances that you come across daily and aggregating all of them together at one place for users to discover.

Posts like, 'Five Examples That Show The Power Of Facebook Advertisements' or 'Ten Instances Where Digital Marketers Wished They Invested More On SEO' - are indeed a great addition. You can use your marketing team's creativity to churn out more posts like these, which will help in attracting beginners and professionals alike, to your website blog. At the end of the day, everyone likes to have more suggestions.

By using these above procedures, we can guarantee you that you'll not run out of creative ideas to write blog posts for your website. All of these methods are tried & tested which means you can enjoy peace of mind.

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