Friday, May 1, 2020

Out With The Old, In With The New: Know The Trending Social Media Platforms

For almost a decade, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have reigned around the world. With no viable competition in their respective sectors, digital marketers & advertisers were getting wary of putting all their eggs in one basket. Thankfully, such is not the case when it comes to the year 2020.

Having more options when it comes to social media platforms is not just about being diverse but also extending your avenues of customer reach and engagement. Such a move will ensure that you don't strictly depend on a singular social media platform, which will help pay huge dividends later on in your business venture.

In this article guide, we'll be sharing some of the recent trending social media platforms along with their user base which will help you to know whether such platforms will be fit for your relevant audiences.

Trending Social Media Platforms In 2020

Founded in the year 2011, the idea of Snapchat revolves around the fact that users will be posting stories (just like Instagram Stories) on their profiles which will get auto-deleted after 24 hours.

One of the greatest features of the platform (which is also its disadvantage) is that users will not be able to discover your posts after 24 hours - which means that you can create the utmost hype regarding any of your new product and/or service launches. Snapchat has a total user base of more than 200 million, which means that even if you can tap into one per cent of that total user base, it'd be a benefit for your business.

It has been reported that most of the Snapchat users range between the age of 18 years to 29 years, out of which almost 60 per cent users are females.

2. TikTok

Established in 2017 as, which was later bought out by Byte Dance and was rebranded as TikTok - in combination with Douyin. TikTok is currently the product of combining two successful social media platforms - one being and the other being Douyin. The service is available in more than 150 countries worldwide and has been a hit among the Gen Z.

Why you may ask? Well, the reason is simple - TikTok allows you to share videos that are three seconds long to almost 60 seconds - with lip-syncing, musical and looping videos. Such a concept might seem simple but to put that in perspective - TikTok has over 500 million users on a monthly basis, out of which almost 37 per cent of users have a household income of more than $100K per year.

Moreover, the user age ranges between 16 years and 24 years, which means that there is a huge potential audience to attract towards your products and/or services.

3. Reddit

While most digital marketers and advertisers are recently discovering about Reddit, it should be noted that the platform was formed back in the year 2005 and thereby remained popular even in the prime days of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you're new to Reddit, then you should know that the platform functions in a separate way than other platforms.

In Reddit, there are multiple subreddits, through which users can visit, post or even view other people's posts. In comparison to 'Likes' on Facebook, Reddit has an upvote and downvote button. However, it should be remembered that self-promotional posts are strictly forbidden in almost all of the subreddits - which means that you need to share fresh & innovative content for the users to be able to garner attention.

The platform has over 330 million active users on a per-day basis - out of which almost 22 per cent belongs to the age of 18 years to 29 years.

4. Tumblr

If you're thinking about Reddit being the grand-father of all social media networks, then it should be noted that Tumblr is currently the father of all social media networks - alongside Facebook & Twitter. Discovered in the year 2007, the concept of the platform is simple - post photos, short videos or even GIFs. The result? You get followers like on Twitter. Think Tumblr as the Twitter of Instagram.

Even though the market of Tumblr has sharply fallen after the introduction of Instagram, it still has a huge user base with almost 380 million unique users on a per month basis. Out of those total users, almost 35 per cent resides in the USA.

At the end of the day, statistics like these will highly assist you in discovering the potential of new social media platforms. Such a step will help you tweak your digital marketing preferences so that you can use the most out of your available resources. 

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