Friday, May 1, 2020

The Critical Factors For Obtaining Higher Website Rankings On Google Search

Nowadays, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not the same as it was in its nascent stages on the internet. Every year you'll see the SEO rules & regulations being re-written and since Google is currently the number one search engine in the world - the whole internet has to succumb to their acts and decisions. It should be noted that the methods that gave you good results in 2019, might not give you similar output in 2020 - especially with the COVID-19 pandemic lurking around.

Even though there are still some basic rules you need to always follow to keep your website ranked higher on the Google Search Engine Results Page or SERP - you mainly need to keep with the majority of the changes that occur continuously. If you want new visitors to continue visiting your website and may even like to improve the overall traffic, then you need to ensure that you implement these changes and thereby embrace the new concepts.

Decisive Google Search Engine Ranking Factors Of The Year 2020

1. Invest On Quality Back links

Back links have always been a major factor to impact your website's search engine rankings and the same can be said now as well. With the help of back links, Google can know how much your website's content is relevant and high-quality to the reader. It should be noted that you should always focus on getting more quality back links as Google always prefers quality over quantity when it comes to back links. The two reasons why most digital marketers fail to use back links technology are:

● The content is not promoted regularly.
● The content is not relevant to their readers or user-base.

Once you get your back links in place for your website, Google will gradually learn that your website is worth ranking on the search engine results page. Some of the factors that Google uses to judge your back links are:

● Number Of Back links
● Quality Of Back links
● Heterogeneity Of Back links

Higher back link quality can be achieved by the following measures:

● Avoid spam-filled websites or links.
● Always keep an eye out for both the quantity as well as the quality of back links on your website.
● Reach out and obtain back links from more quality websites in your genre or niche.  

2. Invest On The Right Length Of Content

It should be remembered that the reason why you see less long-form content these days is because of the difficulty in producing the same daily. Short-form content is more popular because it's easier to create, which is the reason why creating long-form content will bring uniqueness to your website. An ideal long-form content should have the following features:

● The content should have all the details, is engaging and provides real value to the reader.
● The content can be easily shared because of audiences like useful content.
● The content helps Google redirect its users in a better fashion because it gives them the information they're searching for.

When you start doing your research on some of the top-rated websites on Google, you'll easily come to know long-form content always obtains better results. However, this doesn't mean that you should be making your website content bloated with meaningless and useless information that doesn't attract the readers. As per Google, your content should not only be lengthy but also filled with quality content.

3. Invest In Generating Better Mobile Experience

Smartphones & tablets are more important than ever before which is why having better mobile experience for your website is a must. Back in the year 2016, Google started providing greater significance to mobile indexing and thereby your website will get brownie points if it can keep Google's mobile users happy.

The following are some of the critical factors that will measure your website's mobile experience:

● The loading momentum of the website page.
● The mobile intuitiveness of the website page.

As of the current day and age, almost 85 per cent of internet websites are mobile optimized - which in turn helps in generating better SEO.

Ultimately, your website's success will depend on how well you implement these factors into your website's functioning. Always ensure to keep your website up-to-date because that will in-turn make Google happy as well.

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